The Norcia Family

The Norcia farm, which has been producing extra virgin olive oil for more than three generations, has its roots in what was once our mother Agostina’s family (the LUPI) farm .
The farm is located in the heart of ancient southern Etruria, also known as the “Tuscia”, about 4 km from Vetralla and about 11 km from Viterbo, which is the capital of the province; always referred to in the family as  “Ciavalletta”.   The farm is in a particularly favourable position for the cultivation of  olive trees, inserted in a unicum of history, culture and nature of exceptional importance and located on  a tract of the Via Francigena,  once used by pilgrims when  travelling to Rome.
The farm was bought at the beginning of the last century by our great-grandfather Angelo Lupi and entrusted to one of his sons: Lorenzo, our grandfather. The farm produced oil, wine, wheat, forage for livestock, as well as fruit and vegetables for family use. The farmhouse was used for summer holidays and, during the Second World War, it was used, first of all, as a welcome  refuge for the Lupi family but also for  other families “displaced” from the village.
On the death of our  great-grandfather, the farm  was inherited by Lorenzo and then by his daughter Agostina, who, together with our father Corrado, developed the main activity: producing extra virgin olive oil and pâté for consumers with a discernment for taste and quality.
We have also upgraded the other typical crop of the area: the hazelnut. This allows us to produce the tasty olive and hazelnut pâté.
Our family history,  love for the land,  the commitment to continue a fundamental activity in the territory,  with the pleasure of offering a quality product are the key elements which allow us to currently run the family business with pride and responsibility.  These are the very same values we  hope to pass on to our children: Marta, Alessia, Filippo and Gaia.
M.Chiara e Giuseppe Norcia


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