The Norcia farm produces two types of olive oil:
the  monovarietal “Casale Lupi”
the blended “Sasso san pellegrino”
in addition to two types of pâtè:
olive pâtè
olive and hazelnut pâtè
The  plants are cultivated on land about 350 metres above sea level, in a typically hilly position, where olive cultivation has found its natural habitat.
The soil, rich in carbonates but also well endowed with organic substance, and the olive-growing, mainly made up of the “caninese” cultivar, together with the particular microclimatic conditions are factors that have a decisive influence on the final result of the product.
The agronomic techniques respectful of the environment (the farm  has been following the regional eco-compatible agriculture programs since 1994) and quality (early harvesting, crushing  the olives within 24 hours,   cold pressing and extraction  by  centrifugation) give the product the fruity and typical local taste of the oil.



The monovarietal oil from Cultivar Caninese has a more full-bodied fruitiness, both in taste and smell, greater than that of Sasso San Pellegrino. The sensations of flowers, fresh grass and  traces of dried fruit are easily recognizable. To the palate it has  hints of thistle, almond and slightly accentuated tones, both bitter and spicy, while remaining balanced with each other.

Indispensable  on hot vegetable and legume soups, barbecued meat and first courses with mushrooms and truffle.


E.V.O. Oil “Sasso San Pellegrino”


The blend, produced from the varieties of olives cultivated on the farm: Caninese, Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, Moraiolo and other minor ones, presents a complex bouquet of aromas and sensations.   To the nose, there are hints of  fresh grass and floral essences,  inserted in a soft and enveloping fruitiness, while to the palate, the light/medium fruity olive is accompanied by hints of artichoke and almond with  balanced round tones of bitterness and spiciness.

Excellent with  green salads and legumes, red meats and the inevitable bruschetta.



A patè obtained from the processing of the farm’s olives and particularly those of the  Leccino variety. It is obtained from olives harvested  the previous year, and entrusted to the skilful hands of Luca Ingegneri della Cisterna del Marchionato for brining and subsequent processing.

The patè can be used  spread on bread, with roasts during cooking, or in the preparation of first courses.



A patè obtained from the processing of olives and hazelnuts which are toasted before the patè is made.  Clear  sensations due to the hazelnut which tends to attenuate the flavour of the olive paste.

Excellent for the preparation of sauces and  first courses as well as the classic bruschetta.

The Norcia Farm is located in the heart of Italy, between Tuscany and Rome, a stone’s throw from Umbria and in an area rich in landscapes, history, culture and charm: Tuscia.

Ancient memories resurface along the itineraries that are dear to us

Where to find our olive oils

Restaurant "Tavern Dosso Seradino"

Address: Street Dosso Seradino, 39  Pisogne (BS)
Phone: +39 328 7181125

Restaurant "Da Beccone"

Address: street Guglielmo Marconi, 26 Blera (VT)
Phone: +39 0761 479210

Restaurant "Da Sapì"

Address: street Mazzini, 36 Esine (BS)
Mobile: +39 335 5254381
Phone: +39 0364 46052

Agritourism company Le Frise

Address: Street Rive dei balti, 12 Artogne (BS)
Phone: + 39 0364 598298

"Salumeria Gastronomia Sedani" di Pedretti Giorgio

Address: Street Donatori di Sangue, 20  Breno (BS)
Tel: + 39 0364 22306

Awards and Mentions

2006 - Guida agli extravergini 2006 (Slow Food Editore)

Extra Virgin olive oil Sasso San Pellegrino 

2006 & 2007 - Rivista i grandi vini (Speciale i grandi oli)

Extra Virgin olive oil Casale Lupi

2008 - L'olio (Guida Bibenda)

Extra Virgin olive oil Casale Lupi

2016 - Guida Slow Food

Extra Virgin olive oil Casale Lupi

2016 - Oli d'Italia (Gambero Rosso)

Extra Virgin olive oil Casale Lupi

2019 - Oli d'Italia (Gambero Rosso)

Extra Virgin olive oil Casale Lupi (Top award)
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